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Job Descriptions
Job DescriptionsJob NumberCost Center
Accountant Finance, Non-Degreed4459038
Accountant, Degreed19028
Accountant, Degreed (Finance)2399038
Accountant, Degreed (Payroll)2719038
Accountant, Degreed-FNS4119021
Accountant, Non-Degreed112Dist
Accountant, Payroll4449038
Accounting Manager3250391
Accounts Payable / Special Projects Specialist3059038
Administrative Assistant II152Dist
Administrative Assistant II - Dept. of Safety & Emergency Management3649035
Administrative Assistant II / Bookkeeper263Dist
Administrative Assistant II / Purchasing3139033
Administrative Assistant II / Volunteer & Partnership Office3359075
Administrative Assistant II, Bilingual345Dist
Administrative Assistant II/Print Shop3449033
Administrative Assistant II/School Choice3879016
Administrative Assistant III153Dist
Administrative Assistant III - Curriculum & Instruction3699054
Administrative Assistant III - Purchasing3199033
Administrative Assistant III / Bookkeeper264Dist
Administrative Assistant III / Bookkeeper, Construction Services Department3149042
Administrative Assistant III / Bookkeeper, Curriculum & Instruction2129054
Administrative Assistant III / Bookkeeper, Purchasing3159033
Administrative Assistant III, Communications & Community Relations3599075
Administrative Assistant III, Talent Acquisition Assistant453Dist
Administrative Assistant III/Bookkeeper–Materials Management2319033
Administrative Assistant III/Preschool Director3850391
Administrative Assistant III-Information Technology4179020
Administrative Assistant IV29040
Administrative Intern257Dist
Administrator on Special Assignment3Dist
Adult General Education Teacher2050391
Archibus Database Facilitator3069029
Area Supervisor, Food and Nutrition Services59021
Arts Integration Specialist (Project Elevate Grant)3999016
Assistant Budget Director2999028
Assistant Director Food and Nutrition Services471Dist
Assistant Director, Facilities Maintenance2889029
Assistant Director, Suncoast Technical College6Dist
Assistant Director, Technology & Information Services2249060
Assistant Principal7Dist
Assistant Principal - Administration (APA) - High School423Dist
Assistant Principal - Curriculum (APC) - High School424Dist
Assistant Principal, Adult and Community Education Center80391
Assistant Superintendent, NeXt Generation2909049
Assistant Superintendent-Chief Academic Officer109039
Assistant Superintendent-Chief Financial Officer2919039
Assistant Superintendent-Chief Operating Officer3939025
Associate Superintendent – Chief Financial & Business Officer2199025
Attendance Clerk11Dist
Audio-Visual Technician139060
Background And Fingerprinting Processor2799035
Benefits Specialist149038
Bookkeeper - Facilities Services Department179029
Bookkeeper Assistant, High School427Dist
Bookkeeper Specialist4029038
Bookkeeper, Elementary and Middle School15Dist
Bookkeeper, High School16Dist
Bookkeeper, Instructional Materials & Library Services/Curriculum4189054
Bookkeeper-Construction Services Department3959042
Bookstore Operator, Suncoast Technical College3510391
Building Code Administrator1619042
Building Code Inspector199042
Bus Aide / Bus Attendant209030
Bus Driver1449030
Bus Driver/Delivery Clerk3389030
Bus Washer249030
Business & Financial Services Manager, Suncoast Technical College469Dist
Business Manager Operations470Dist
Business Manager, Facilities Services219029
Business System Assistant3759020
Business System Coordinator3749020
Business System Operator379020
Business System Support3739020
Business Systems Analyst229018
Business Technology Education Secretary230391
Buyer / Quality Control Manager, Food Services259021
Buyer Assistant2879033
Cabinet Maker269029
Cable & Digital Production Specialist (Head Producer)879075
Cable & Digital Production Specialist (Producer/Videographer/Editor)1329075
Cable Broadcasting and Production Technician869075
Campus Security Monitor2759038
Career Advisor425Dist
Carpet / Tile Repairman289029
CDL Training Supervisor4359030
Central Security Lead Monitor3039035
Central Security Monitor1559035
Certification Specialist309023
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant311Dist
Certified School Counselor80Dist
Charter Schools Specialist3889016
Chief of Police, Executive Director, Safety & Security4399042
Chief Operations Officer3049039
Child Care Consulting Teacher1880431
Classified Specialist, Adult & Community Education2611070
Classified Specialist, Adult / Technical320391
Clinic Aide33Dist
College and Career Center Coordinator394Dist
Commercial Equipment Repair Mechanic1579029
Communications Manager4309075
Computer Network Manager197Dist
Computer Systems Analyst399018
Coordinator, Talent Acquisition and Retention4529030
Coordinator, Volunteer & Partnership Program2429075
County Wide Autistic Teacher1890292
Custodial Specialist, Facilities Services409029
Custodial Supervisor, Facilities Services2369029
Data Management Coordinator3839015
Database Coordinator3719020
Database Engineer3729020
Database Engineer Coordinator4269015
Database Systems Administrator318Dist
Delivery Clerk / Warehouse439033
Delivery Clerk/Warehouse/Record Retention2419025
Deputy Chief Financial Officer449028
Digital Document Technician1309033
Director of Exceptional Student Education458Dist
Director of Leadership Development2389054
Director of Student Services457Dist
Director, Academic Intervention2459055
Director, Career & Technology Education281Dist
Director, Communications2949075
Director, Construction Services459042
Director, Curriculum and Instruction2469054
Director, Curriculum, Instructional Support and School Improvement509053
Director, Facilities Services479029
Director, Food and Nutrition Services489021
Director, Information Technology56Dist
Director, Materials Management519033
Director, Research, Assessment, and Evaluation1959015
Director, Safety & Security2539035
Director, Suncoast Technical College540391
Director, Transportation2279030
District Data Support Assistant2009018
District Data Support Coordinator579018
Driver Improvement Program Registrar254Dist
Electrical Apprenticeship Coordinator / Instructor58Dist
Electro-Mechanical Gas Equipment Technician3479029
Employee Relations Administrator3509023
Employment Specialist2379023
Energy Education Specialist, Facilities Services3029029
Energy Management Control Specialist619029
Engage Quality Instruction Through Professional Development (EQuIPD) Teacher Trainer456Dist
Environmental Specialist2769029
Equipment Repair Technician779021
Equipment/Appliance Repair Technician49029
ESE Aide273Dist
ESE Paraprofessional460Dist
ESOL Liaison244Dist
ESOL Teacher Trainer392Dist
Exceptional Student Education Behavior Specialist62Dist
Exceptional Student Education Compliance Liaison320Dist
Exceptional Student Education Liaison63Dist
Exceptional Student Education Secondary Transition Teacher324Dist
Exceptional Student Education-Disabilities Teacher354Dist
Exceptional Student Education-Gifted Teacher353Dist
Executive Director of Safety, Security & Emergency Management4409035
Executive Director, Business Analysis & Support2499035
Executive Director, Career, Technical, & Adult Education3679014
Executive Director, Elementary Schools469054
Executive Director, Financial Services669038
Executive Director, High Schools3169004
Executive Director, Human Resources and Labor Relations679023
Executive Director, Integrated Instructional Services4009016
Executive Director, Middle Schools2749005
Executive Director, Office of Accountability and Choice53Dist
Executive Director, Pupil Support Services529051
Executive Director, School Support Services699025
Executive Director, Workforce Development, Applied Technology and Community Education709017
Facilities Data and Business Process Manager4379042
Facilities Information Specialist3439042
Facilities Manager2899029
Facilities Plans Specialist1289042
Farm to School Coordinator4169021
FDLRS Child Find Consultant3370292
FDLRS Human Resources Development Consultant2140292
FDLRS-Florida Inclusion Network Facilitator4079053
Finance PCard Specialist1389038
Finance Specialist4059038
Financial Aid Specialist, Vocational/Technical3420391
Financial Aide, Vocational / Technical72391
Financial Specialist, Food and Nutrition Services739021
Fixed Assets Inventory Control Technician749033
Fleet Maintenance Administrator1669030
Floating Manager, Food & Nutrition Services3589021
Food Service Assistant I759021
Food Service Assistant I/Custodian198Dist
Food Service Assistant II769021
General Manager, Accounting4519038
General Manager, Budget4509038
Graphic Designer4130391
Grounds Helper2859029
HARV Maintenance Mechanic2809029
HARV Technician819029
Head Custodian82Dist
Health Safety Specialist839029
Health Science Instructor228Dist
Home School Liaison84Dist
Information Specialist2119023
Instructional Facilitator389Dist
Instructional Television Program Technician1969060
Inventory Control Accountant1909060
Inventory Control Technician2139033
Investigation Specialist4549023
Investigator, Human Resources468Dist
Library Automation System and Digital Resource Technician1079054
Library Media Center Technician462Dist
Mailroom Shipping / Receiving Clerk929025
Maintenance and Operations Support Specialist939029
Manager Application Operations2029020
Manager Intern979021
Manager School Support Services3309020
Manager, Cable Broadcasting & Digital Video Production969075
Manager, Data Analysis & Reporting1629018
Manager, Food and Nutrition Services959021
Manager, Infrastructure and System Administration4049020
Manager, Network & Telecommunications Services1029020
Manager, Safety and Compliance1009029
Manager, Safety, Security & Emergency Management3659035
Manager, Student Systems4019020
Manager, Technical Services / Maintenance1019029
Mananger, Facilities Planning2339025
Mechanic (Leadman)1059030
Mechanic’s Assistant1069030
Mechanical Engineer4559042
Media and Instructional Materials Support3689054
Media Relations Specialist1729075
Monitorial Aide I108Dist
Multi-Media Systems Technician1099054
Multi-Trade Lead Person2839029
Multi-Trade/Electrical Lead Person3399029
Multi-Trade/Plumbing Lead Person3409029
Network Administrator1119060
Network Engineer2509060
Nurse, Licensed Practical2309051
Nurse, Registered113Dist
Nutrition Educator1149021
Occupational Therapist115Dist
Offset Pressman1169033
Online Communication Specialist3009075
Operations Facilitator/Specialist, Food Service1189021
Operations Manager2039018
Operations Specialist2689038
Outreach Specialist3860391
Paint and Body Person1199030
Painter (Leadman)899029
ParaProfessional Aide Behavior Technician410Dist
Paraprofessional Aide III122Dist
Paraprofessional Aide III – ESOL208Dist
Paraprofessional Aide III – Interpreter210Dist
Paraprofessional Aide III - Pool Aide432Dist
Paraprofessional Aide III, Adult & Community Education-12 Month1211070
Parts Manager1239030
Payroll Manager1249038
Payroll Specialist4039038
Performing Arts Center Technician272Dist
Pest Control Technician1269029
Physical Therapist127292
Planner, GIS and Technical Analyst4129042
Planning Analyst2679035
Police Lieutenant4499035
Police Sergeant4389042
Pre-School/Child Care Aide209Dist
Principal, Adult and Community Education Center148Dist
Principal, Technical High School308Dist
Print Shop Supervisor2359033
Procurement & Record Document Specialist3609042
Professional Development Coordinator4729015
Program Director357Dist
Program Director, Any Given Child Program (Grant)3669016
Program Evaluation and Assessment Coordinator1919015
Program Manager for FDLRS & Professional Development1719053
Program Manager, Adult and Community Enrichment (ACE)4340391
Program Manager, Arts Integration (Project Elevate Grant)3979016
Program Manager, Instructional Materials and Media2849054
Program Manager, Suncoast Technical College/SPHS3490391
Program Specialist (Instructional)133Dist
Program Specialist (Pupil Support)352Dist
Program Specialist Curriculum (Instructional)252Dist
Program Specialist-Alternative Education, Dropout Prevention, Judicial Liaison409Dist
Program Supervisor, Exceptional Student Education1929051
Program Supervisor, Student Services1939051
Programming and Data Analyst465Dist
Project Management Coordinator3809020
Project Management Support3799020
Project Manager1349042
Project Manager, SCTI255Dist
Project Manager, TIS310Dist
Purchasing and Fixed Assets Manager1369033
Purchasing Buyer1359033
Purchasing Secretary137Dist
Reading Recovery Teacher463Dist
Record Retention Supervisor3079033
Records Clerk - Property and Evidence Technician4489035
Records Technician II/Record Retention4619033
Records Technician/Record Retention3299033
Regional Campus Security Monitor312Dist
Registrar / Bookkeeper277Dist
Registrar Coordinator382Dist
Reserve School Resource Officer4479035
Resource Manager2069021
Risk Management Compliance Analyst4289023
Route Supervisor/Coordinator1439030
Routing Specialist1039030
Safe School Liaison220Dist
Salary Specialist4469023
School Library Media Specialist146Dist
School Psychologist1499051
School Resource Officer4429035
School Social Worker1509051
Secretary I151Dist
Secretary I - Media & Instructional Materials3709054
Secretary I, Bilingual346Dist
Security Analyst4299035
Security Systems Lead Technician2179035
Security Systems Network Engineer3969035
Security Systems Specialis4369035
Security Systems Technician1569035
Senior Purchasing Buyer2869033
Senior Statistical Data Analyst3019015
Service Response Clerk459Dist
Social Media Strategist4419075
Special Events Manager, Food and Nutrition Services1589021
Special Events Manager, Manager Food and Nutrition Services3279021
Specialist, Budget4219038
Specialist, Capital Projects and Debt Service Funds1599038
Specialist, General Funds3319038
Specialist, Special Revenue Funds3269038
Speech / Language Pathologist160Dist
Staff Engineer3569042
Staffing Administrator499023
State Reports Coordinator2239018
Statistical Data Analyst3849015
Student Database Operator278Dist
Supervisor / Accounting2299038
Supervisor / Health1659051
Supervisor of Pupil Support Services, Alternative Programs, Dropout Prevention and Discipline4089051
Supervisor Programming Data and Analytics467Dist
Supervisor Research State Reports and Evaluation464Dist
Supervisor SIS and Assessment466Dist
Supervisor, Alternative Program, Dropout Prevention and Discipline3919051
Supervisor, Applied Technology and Adult Education1459017
Supervisor, Athletics & Physical Education2959004
Supervisor, ESOL & Migrant Education1709054
Supervisor, Instructional Technology1689053
Supervisor, Management Information Systems (MIS)169Dist
Supervisor, Operations1179030
Supervisor, Payroll4069038
Supervisor, Preschool4150292
Supervisor, Retirement and Payroll Services999038
Supervisor, Risk Management1739038
Supervisor, School Choice and Charter Schools2939015
Supervisor, State and Federal Programs and Grants2669055
Supervisor, Student Assignment & Grants Administration1749015
Supervisor/Adult & Community Education Center232Dist
Switchboard Operator3369035
System Administrator3769020
System Administrator Coordinator Active Directory & Cloud Computing4199020
System Administrator Coordinator Configuration Management1879020
System Administrator Coordinator Virtualization & District Applications Support4209020
System Administrator-Instructional Technology3819020
Systems Engineer2519020
Teacher on Special Assignment179Dist
Teacher Trainer270Dist
Teacher, Adult ESOL247Dist
Teacher-Virtual Instruction355Dist
Technician, Digital Instructional Materials3989016
Technology Support Coordinator3239020
Technology Support Professional3229020
Telecommunication System Coordinator3779020
Telecommunications and Security Support Manager2259060
Telecommunications System Technician3789020
Telecommunications Systems Lead Technician2979060
Test Coordinator1800391
Test Distribution Center Clerk3489015
Testing and Data Analyst3909015
Trade Manager, Facilities Services1819029
Trades Helper2829029
Training Coordinator2349023
Training Supervisor1829021
Transition/Employment Trainer332Dist
Truancy Worker2629051
Upholstery Technician1849030
Utility Maintenance Technician1859029
Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Specialist3330292
Vocational State Report Analyst2609018
Warehouse Buyer1869033
Wellness Coordinator3179023

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